Lesson 14 Hundreds of Objects

    • Let’s use place value to count real-world objects.

Warm-up Notice and Wonder: Jar of Beans

What do you notice? What do you wonder?

Jar of beans.

Activity 1 Cup of Beans

1 cup measuring cup filled with beans.

Clare, Noah, and Jada counted a cup of dried beans. They each came up with 529 beans. The following pictures show how each of them counted.

Jada’s counting strategy:

Beans in groups of 5.

Noah’s counting strategy:

Beans in groups of ten.

Clare’s counting strategy:

Beans in groups of 100.
  1. What do you notice about each of their strategies?

  2. What is helpful about each strategy?

  3. What is challenging about each strategy?

Activity 2 Lots of Beans

Problem 1

Organize and count your beans. Use the space to record your thinking.

Problem 2

Gallery walk questions:

  1. How does this strategy help you count their beans?

  2. How can this be made clearer?

  3. How is this strategy the same as your strategy? How is it different?

  4. Does your group have more or fewer beans? Explain your reasoning.