Section D: Practice Problems All Kinds of Story Problems

Section Summary

  • We learned about equations where a number is missing and related them to story problems.

    Lin has 5 bingo chips on her board. She also has some chips on the table. All together she has 9 bingo chips. How many chips does Lin have on the table?


  • We thought about how addition and subtraction are related by solving story problems using both addition and subtraction.

    9 students are playing bingo. 3 students are using blue chips to cover their boards. The other students are using yellow chips. How many students are using yellow chips?

    Clare wrote Jada wrote

    Student response drawing.
  • We wrote our own story problems to match equations.

    Try writing a story to match these equations.

Problem 1 (Lesson 17)

There were 9 cars in the parking lot.
Then 5 of the cars drove away.
How many cars are in the parking lot now?
Show your thinking using drawings, numbers, or words.
Write an equation and draw a box around the answer.

Problem 2 (Lesson 18)

There were 7 apples in the basket.
Tyler added some more apples to the basket.
Now there are 9 apples in the basket.
How many apples did Tyler add to the basket?
Select 2 equations that match the story.

Problem 3 (Lesson 19)

There were 9 chickens in the yard.
Some of the chickens ran away.
Now there are 5 chickens in the yard.
How many chickens ran away?

Write 2 equations that match the story problem.

Problem 4 (Lesson 20)

Write a story problem with an answer of 7.

Problem 5 (Exploration)

There are 9 books on Han’s desk and 5 books on Mai’s desk. Then Han puts 2 of his books on Mai’s desk.
The answer to the question is 7.
What is the question?

Problem 6 (Exploration)

Write and solve your own story problem about something at your home.

Share your story with a partner and solve your partner’s problem.