Lesson 19 Make Two-digit Numbers

    • Let’s make two-digit numbers with tens and ones in different ways.

Warm-up Which One Doesn’t Belong: Different Ways to Show a Number

Which one doesn’t belong?

  1. 5 tens. 3 ones.
  2. Thirty plus 5.
  3. 3 plus 50.
  4. Base ten diagram. 5 tens. 3 ones.

Activity 1 Make 65 Using Tens and Ones

Create a collection of 65.
You may not break apart any towers.
You may not make any new towers.
Show your collection in a way that others will understand.
If you have time, think of another way to make 65 using the cubes in the bag.

Activity 2 Make 37 in Different Ways

How many ways can you make 37?
Show your thinking using drawings, numbers, or words.

Activity 3 Centers: Choice Time

Choose a center.

Greatest of Them All

Center activity. Greatest of Them All.

Get Your Numbers in Order

Center activity. Get Your Numbers In Order.

Grab and Count

Center. Grab and Count.

Practice Problem

Problem 1

  1. Circle 2 pictures that show 46.

    1. Base ten diagram. 4 tens. 6 ones.
    2. Base ten diagram. 5 tens. 6 ones.
    3. Base ten diagram. 3 tens. 16 ones.
    4. Base ten diagram. 2 tens. 16 ones.
  2. Show a different way to make 46.