Lesson 18 Class Surveys

    • Let’s create our own surveys to get to know our classmates better.

Warm-up What Do You Know About …?

What do you know about bar graphs?

Activity 1 Classroom Survey and Graph

  1. What is your survey question?

  2. What are your categories?

    • Category 1:

    • Category 2:

    • Category 3:

    • Category 4:

  3.  Record the data.

  4. Organize and represent the data in a picture graph or bar graph.

Activity 2 I Ask, then You Ask

  1. Trade graphs. Create questions about the other group’s graph.

    Sentence stems:

    How many students picked and all together?

    How many more students picked than ?

  2. Take turns asking and answering questions.

Activity 3 Analyze the Data with Diagrams

  1. Draw a diagram. Your diagram should compare two facts you learned from your survey.

  2. Write an equation that represents the comparison.