Lesson 18 Paint Splattered Bar Graph

    • Let’s solve problems involving a bar graph and addition and subtraction.

Warm-up Number Talk: Subtract Within 1,000

Find the value of each expression mentally.

Activity 1 Student Population

Oh no! Paint fell on the poster of the bar graph Clare and Priya created.

Bar graph. Graph splattered with paint.

Answer the questions that you can with the graph. If a question cannot be answered, explain how you know.

  1. What is the total number of students in grades 3 and 4?

  2. How many more students are in grade 2 than in grade 1?

  3. How many more students are in grade 3 than grade 2?

  4. Write at least 2 mathematical questions that can be answered using the bar graph.

Activity 2 Asked and Answered

For each round:

  1. Trade one question you came up with in the last activity with a partner.

  2. Answer the question. Show or explain your reasoning.

  3. If you have time, trade another question with a different partner.

  1. Round 1:

  2. Round 2:

  3. Round 3: