Lesson 2 Partners Make Pairs

    • Let’s make pairs with groups of objects.

Warm-up Which One Doesn’t Belong: Laundry Day

Which one doesn’t belong?

  1. four mismatched pairs of socks
  2. three pairs of sock and one extra sock
  3. 2 rows of 4 socks each
  4. 4 pairs of socks

Activity 1 Pair Up

Make pairs with 1 yellow counter and 1 red counter.

my counters

vertical line

total counters

vertical line

leftover counters

Activity 2 Are You Feeling Left Out?

Show your thinking using diagrams, symbols, or other representations. Use cubes or counters if it helps.

  1. There are 18 students in Clare’s class today. They will work in pairs. Will everyone be in a group of 2?

  2. There are 20 students in Priya’s class. Will everyone be in a group of 2?

  3. There are 19 students in Noah’s class. Will everyone be in a group of 2?

Practice Problem

Problem 1

Mai is planning a dance and wants everyone to dance in pairs. For each number of students, decide whether everyone can dance in pairs with no one left out. Explain or show your reasoning.

  1. 14

  2. 17

  3. 18