Lesson 10 What’s the Question?

    • Let’s determine the question for story problems.

Warm-up Notice and Wonder: A Day in the Park

In the park, there are 37 kids on the soccer field, 18 kids on the tennis courts, and 25 kids at the picnic tables.

What do you notice? What do you wonder?

Activity 1 Asked and Answered

Elena picked 29 apples. Elena picked 14 fewer apples than Han. Han picked 15 more apples than Diego.

  1. Write a question someone could answer based on this information.

  2. Answer your question. Show your thinking using diagrams, symbols, or other representations.

Activity 2 What is the Question?

Clare picked 51 apples. Lin picked 18 apples and Andre picked 19 apples.

Here is some student work showing the answer to a question about the apples.


    Diagram. One rectangle split into 3 parts. Total length, question mark. First part, length 51. Second part, length 18. Third part, length 19.

    What’s the question?

    Explain how you know.

  2. Diagram. Two rectangles of equal length. Top rectangle, split into three parts. Bottom rectangle, shaded, total length, 51.

    What’s the question?

    Explain how you know.