Lesson 2 How Do We Measure Area?

    • Let’s use square tiles to measure area.

Warm-up Which One Doesn’t Belong: Shapes with Squares

Which one doesn’t belong?

  1. a small square.
  2. Diagram. Rectangle partitioned into 3 rows of 3 of the same size squares, with alternating shaded and non-shaded squares.
  3. Diagram. Square partitioned into 4 of the same size squares, 2 shaded and 2 unshaded.
  4. A rectangle tiled with blue and white same size squares.

Activity 1 Create and Compare

  1. Take a handful of square tiles.

  2. Create a shape from the tiles.

  3. As a group, order the shapes from smallest to largest.

Groups of square tiles.

Activity 2 Use Square Tiles to Measure Area

Your teacher will give you handouts with some figures on them.

Use square tiles to find the area of each figure. Record your answers here. Be prepared to explain your reasoning.

  1. Area: square units

  2. Area: square units

  3. Area: square units

  4. Area: square units

  5. Area: square units

  6. Area: square units

Practice Problem

Problem 1

Lin, Han, and Elena made letters from squares. Put the letters in order from least area to greatest area. Explain your reasoning.

Letters L, H, E. L, 8 squares. E, 11 squares. H, 12 squares.