Lesson 13 Shapes and Play

    • Let’s design a park.

Warm-up Notice and Wonder: A Park

What do you notice? What do you wonder?

Activity 1 Design a Park

Your teacher will give you some dot paper for drawing.

  1. The distance from 1 dot to another horizontally or vertically represents 1 yard. Connect dots on the grid horizontally or vertically to design a small park that has 5 of these features:

    1. basketball court

    2. soccer goal

    3. swings

    4. a slide

    5. an open area

    6. picnic table

    7. water play area

    8. skate park

    9. a feature of your choice

  2. Describe the area and the perimeter of 3 features in the park.

Activity 2 Park Problems

Problem 1

Solve each problem. Explain or show your reasoning.
A rectangular playground is 6 yards by 14 yards.

  1. How much fencing is needed to fence in the playground?

  2. What is the area of the playground?

  3. Give another pair of side lengths that would have the same perimeter, but a different area.

Problem 2

A rectangular open area in a park is going to have an area of 48 square yards. Give 2 possible perimeters for the rectangular area.

Practice Problem

Problem 1

The perimeter of a rectangular park is 444 meters. The park is 175 meters long. How wide is the park? Explain or show your reasoning.