Lesson 7 Cubic Units of Measure

    • Let’s use different sized cubic units to measure volume.

Warm-up Notice and Wonder: Two Prisms

What do you notice? What do you wonder?

A student and two rectangular prisms. . The student is sitting inside the large rectangular prism and is next to the smaller prism. 

Activity 1 What are the Units?

Moving truck.

For each object, choose the cubic unit you would use to measure the volume: cubic centimeter, cubic inch, or cubic foot.


unit you would use

the volume of a moving truck

the volume of a freezer

the volume of a juice box

the volume of a classroom

the volume of a dumpster

the volume of a lunch box

Activity 2 Info Gap: Sizing Up Cubic Units

This is a diagram of a freezer. What is the volume of the freezer?

Prism. 4 by blank by 3 feet.

Problem 1:

  • Partner A has the problem card.

  • Partner B has the data card.

Problem 2:

  • Partner B has the problem card.

  • Partner A has the data card.

Your teacher will give you either a problem card or a data card. Do not show or read your card to your partner.

Information Gap routine directions for problem card student and data card student.

Pause here so your teacher can review your work. Ask your teacher for a new set of cards and repeat the activity, trading roles with your partner.

Practice Problem

Problem 1

A box of milk measures 4 cm by 10 cm by 30 cm. What is its volume in cubic centimeters? Explain or show your reasoning.

Prism. 10 by 4 by 30 centimeters.