Lesson 7 Generalize Fraction Multiplication

    • Let’s use what we’ve learned to multiply any fractions.

Warm-up Notice and Wonder: Two Diagrams

What do you notice? What do you wonder?

Square, length and width, 1. Partitioned into 4 rows of 5 of the same size rectangles. 8 rectangles shaded. 
Rectangle. Length, 4 fifths unit. Width, 1 half unit. 

Activity 1 Equations and Area

Problem 1

Find the value of each product. Draw an area diagram if it is helpful.

Problem 2

  1. How did you decide whether or not to draw a diagram? How did the the diagrams influence how you found the products?

  2. Diego drew this diagram for the product . How can the diagram help Diego find the value of ?

    Rectangle. Length, 9 elevenths unit. Width, 5 eighths unit.

Activity 2 Multiply Fractions

Find the value that makes each equation true. Draw a diagram, if it is helpful.

Practice Problem

Problem 1

Find the value that makes each equation true.