Lesson 26 Book Drive

    • Let’s plan a book sale fundraiser.

Warm-up Notice and Wonder: Books for Sale

What do you notice? What do you wonder?

Photograph. A lot of different books on shelves and tables. The quantity of each book and how it is displayed varies.

Activity 1 Book Prices

Two schools buy science books for $8 from a publisher to sell at their book sale. School A sells the books for $12. School B sells the books for $12.90.

  1. Who do you think sells more science books? Why?

  2. How much profit does each school make if they each sell 35 books?

  3. School B sells 10 science books. How many science books does School A have to sell to raise about the same amount of money?

Activity 2 Plan a Book Fair

Price list from the publisher:

Plan a book fair:

type of book


boxed sets & collections

comic books

science books

chapter books

history books


activity books

reference books

Spanish language books


  1. Choose 3–5 types of books you want to order.

  2. Decide on the mark-up price for each type of book you chose.

  3. Estimate the amount of money your school will raise as a profit with your book sale.

    Record an estimate that is:

    too low

    about right

    too high

  4. Show or explain your reasoning for the estimate. Include the assumptions you made.