Lesson 4 Sort Quadrilaterals

    • Let’s sort quadrilaterals.

Warm-up What Do You Know About …?

What do you know about quadrilaterals?

Activity 1 Guess Which One?

  1. Play a round of Guess Which One.

    Partner A: Select one of the quadrilaterals. Do not reveal your choice to your partner.

    Partner B: Ask “yes” or “no” questions to guess which shape your partner picked. After each question, cross out or remove quadrilaterals based on your partner’s answers.

    4 quadrilaterals, left to right, 1 set of parallel sides, 2 sets of parallel sides, 2 sets of parallel sides, looks like arrow head. 
    8 quadrilaterals. 
    5 quadrilaterals. 

    Use the space to record your questions for this round.

  2. Han and Mai were playing Guess Which One. These are the last two shapes. What question can Mai ask to determine which shape is the one that Han picked?

    2 shapes. Both, 2 sets of parallel sides. Both, all equal sides. On right, one right angle labeled. 
  3. If you have time… If there is time: Switch roles and play Guess Which One again.

Activity 2 Card Sort: Quadrilaterals

Your teacher will give you a set of cards.

  1. Sort all of the quadrilateral cards in a way that makes sense to you. Name the categories in your sort.

  2. Sort the quadrilateral cards in a different way and name each of the categories in your new sort.

Practice Problem

Problem 1

Determine whether the statement is true or false. Explain or show your reasoning.

Quadrilateral on grid. all sides equal length. no right angles. 
  1. The shape is a rectangle.

  2. The shape is a square.

  3. The shape is a rhombus.