Unit 8 Putting It All Together (Family Materials)

In this unit, students put together their understanding from throughout the year to cap off major work and fluency goals of the grade.

Near the end of the unit, ask your student to share the instructional routines they created. Questions that may be helpful as they share:

  • How did you design the routine?

  • How does the routine relate to what you learned this year?

  • How could we modify the routine?

Section A Multiply and Divide Whole Numbers

Students deepen their understanding of the standard algorithm for multiplication and practice using it. They recognize and explain place value patterns when multiplying multi-digit numbers, learn how to use the algorithm when one or more of the factors has several zeroes, and examine an alternative recording method for newly composed units.

Section B Apply Volume Concepts

Students investigate volume by calculating the volume of rectangular prisms and estimating the number of books in a library. Students solve problems in a real-world context and consider what it means to measure volume using different units. They estimate the amount of water that falls on the roof of their home and use it to reason whether or not that amount is sufficient for many of the daily household chores that use water.

Section C Fraction and Decimal Operations

Students operate with fractions and decimals. Each lesson is structured as a game day where students learn games for adding and subtracting fractions, adding and subtracting decimals, and multiplying fractions.

Section D Creation and Design

Students have the opportunity to apply what they’ve learned about instructional routines throughout the year to create their own Notice and Wonder, Exploration Estimation, Number Talk, True or False, and Which One Doesn’t Belong. Students design and create routines in small-groups and can facilitate their routine with another group in the class. Each lesson has a content focus provided, so students review major work of the grade through their routines.