Lesson 1 Sums I Know

    • Let’s see which sums within 10 we know.

Warm-up Notice and Wonder: Addition Table

What do you notice?
What do you wonder?

Addition chart, sums of digits 0 through 10. About half of the sums are filled in.

Activity 1 My Favorite Sum

Students working together.

Pick your favorite sum.

Write the equation:

Show why it is your favorite using drawings, numbers, or words.

Activity 2 Sums I’ve Got

  1. Place your cards in a pile face down.

  2. Flip the card and say the expression.

  3. If you can say the value of the sum quickly, place it under “got it.”

  4. If it takes you some time to find the value, place it under “not yet.”

got it

not yet

Practice Problem

Problem 1

Find the value of each sum.