Lesson 2 Compare the Length of Objects Indirectly

    • Let’s compare 2 objects using a third object.

Warm-up Number Talk: Add within 100

Find the value of each expression mentally.

Activity 1 Which is Longer? Which is Shorter?

Find 2 objects that are longer and 2 objects that are shorter than the unsharpened pencil.

Write a sentence that compares each object to the pencil.

Example: The bulletin board is longer than the pencil.

Activity 2 Measure Your Desk

Compare the length of the side of your desk and the length of one of the legs of your desk using the string.

Desk, height and length no labels.

Use a drawing or words to explain how you know which is longer.

Practice Problem

Problem 1

Compare the length of the top and side of your workbook.

Use a drawing or words to show which is longer.