Lesson 14 Which Equation Matches?

    • Let’s think about story problems and equations.

Warm-up Which One Doesn’t Belong: Equations

Students with equations on cards. 

Which one doesn’t belong?

Activity 1 Sort Story Problems

Today we are going to look at lots of stories about students who made collages. Sort the story problems by whether they are addition or subtraction. Be ready to explain how you know so that others can understand.

Activity 2 Stories and Equations

For each problem, circle the 2 equations that match the story.
You can use objects or drawings to represent the problem, if it helps you.

  1. Jada uses 8 pictures of people.
    She also uses some pictures of animals.
    Altogether she uses 11 pictures.
    How many pictures of animals does she use?

    Diagram. Rectangle, 8 white cubes, 3 blue cubes. Same size cubes.
  2. Kiran has 19 pictures.
    He gives some to his sister.
    Now, he has 11 pictures left.
    How many pictures did Kiran give to his sister?

  3. Han’s collage has 16 stamps.
    Lin’s collage has 10 fewer stamps.
    How many stamps does Lin’s collage have?

  4. Elena uses 9 more stickers than Andre.
    Andre uses 5 stickers.
    How many stickers does Elena use?

  5. Noah has 6 stamps.
    Tyler has 16 stamps.
    How many fewer stamps does Noah have than Tyler?

  6. Clare has some stickers.
    She gives 9 of them to her friends.
    She has 5 stickers left.
    How many stickers did Clare have to start with?

  7. If you have time… Choose a story problem to solve.
    Show your thinking using drawings, numbers, or words.

Practice Problem

Problem 1

There are 13 players on the soccer field.
Some of their friends come to play.
Now there are 19 players on the soccer field.
Circle the equation that represents the situation.