Lesson 17 Match and Draw Arrays

    • Let’s match arrays to equal groups and draw arrays.

Warm-up Which One Doesn’t Belong: Arrangements

Which one doesn’t belong?

  1. Group of 15 dots.
  2. Group of 15 dots.
  3. Group of 15 dots.
  4. Group of 16 dots.

Activity 1 Card Sort: Arrays

  1. Match the drawings of equal groups and arrays that are alike. Be prepared to explain your reasoning.

  2. Choose a match you and your partner made. Write down how you know the drawing matches the array.

Activity 2 Draw Arrays

Problem 1

4 groups of 3 dots.
  1. Draw 1 way the dots could be rearranged into an array.

  2. Explain or show how the array is related to multiplication.

Problem 2

Group of 16 dots.
  1. Draw ways that the dots could be arranged into arrays. Draw as many ways as you can.

  2. Explain or show how each array is related to multiplication.

Practice Problem

Problem 1

Rearrange the circles to make an array in two different ways.

A group of 12 dots.