Lesson 21 Game Night Seating Plan

    • Let’s plan a game night.

Warm-up Notice and Wonder: Squares and Circles

What do you notice? What do you wonder?

6 groups of figures. Each with 4 dots centered around 1 square.

Activity 1 Game Night

Your club is planning a game night.

Guests can play one of four different games that require a different number of players:

  • Game A - 2 players

  • Game B - 4 players

  • Game C - 5 players

  • Game D - 10 players

The game room has 16 identical square tables, where one person can sit on each side.

  1. Make a seating plan that shows the table arrangement so that each guest can play one of the games.

  2. Make a poster that includes:

    1. a seating chart

    2. an explanation about how you decided on your seating plan

    3. how many people can play games in the room with your seating plan

Activity 2 Game Night on a Graph

Make a scaled bar graph that shows the number of guests that can play each of the games A, B, C, and D.

Be sure to include:

  • a title and other labels

  • a scale that counts by a number other than 1