Lesson 3 Measure in Halves and Fourths of an Inch

    • Let’s measure lengths in halves of an inch and quarters of an inch.

Warm-up Notice and Wonder: Rulers

Look at the rulers you have been using to measure and the ruler your teacher gave you.

What do you notice? What do you wonder?

Activity 1 Halves and Quarters

Problem 1

Kiran and Jada are discussing the length of a worm.

inch ruler
  • Kiran says that the worm is inches long.

  • Jada says that the worm is inches long.

Use the ruler to explain how both of their measurements are correct.

Problem 2

Measure the length of the following worms.

  1. earthworm
  2. long earthworm
  3. shortest worm
  4. earthworm

Activity 2 Measure and Describe

  1. Use the ruler you received today to measure some objects around the room.

    Find at least 1 object whose length is a whole number of inches and at least 3 objects whose lengths are not whole numbers.



  2. Trade lists with another group. Find a length that could be written a different way.



    equivalent length

Practice Problem

Problem 1

Here are the lengths of some pieces of pasta in inches.

Which lengths are the same?
Explain or show your reasoning.

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