Section A: Practice Problems Measurement Data on Line Plots

Section Summary


In this section, we learned how to measure lengths using rulers marked with halves and quarters of an inch.

A ruler. 0 to 6 in inches with hash marks at fourths.

We also learned to make line plots to show measurements in half inches or quarter inches.

Line plot from 0 to 8 by ones. Horizontal axis, length of twigs in inches. Hash marks at fourths.

Problem 1 (Pre-Unit)

What is the length of the pencil in centimeters? Show your reasoning.

Pencil measured by ruler in centimeters.

Problem 2 (Pre-Unit)

Here are the lengths of some snakes at the pet store in inches. Use the data to create a line plot.

  • 8

  • 10

  • 13

  • 13

  • 13

  • 15

  • 15

  • 18

  • 21

  • 22

Line plot.

Problem 3 (Pre-Unit)

Find the value of each sum or difference.

Problem 4 (Pre-Unit)

Write the time shown on each clock.

  1. Analog clock showing time.
  2. Analog clock showing time.
  3. Analog clock showing time.

Problem 5 (Pre-Unit)

Find the value of each expression.

Problem 6 (Lesson 1)

Find the length of each pencil.

  1. Pencil measured by a ruler in inches.
  2. Pencil measured by a ruler in inches.

Problem 7 (Lesson 2)

  1. Partition the ruler into halves of an inch and then quarters of an inch.

    Ruler measuring a shaded rectangle in inches.
  2. What is the length of the rectangle? Explain or show your reasoning.

Problem 8 (Lesson 3)

Here are the lengths of some pieces of pasta in inches.

Which lengths are the same?
Explain or show your reasoning.

  • 2

Problem 9 (Lesson 4)

The line plot shows the width of some postcards in inches.

Dot plot from 0 to 7 by ones. Postcard widths, inches. Beginning at 4 and a half, the number of X’s above each increment are 2, 5, 2, 3, 2, 1.
  1. How many postcards measured inches?

  2. How many postcards measured 6 inches or more?

  3. How many postcards were measured for the line plot?

Problem 10 (Lesson 5)

Here are the lengths of some straws in inches. Represent the data on a line plot.

Dot plot from 0 to 6 by ones. Hash marks by fourths. Horizontal axis, straw lengths, inches.

Problem 11 (Exploration)

You will need a ruler marked in inches for this problem.

  1. For each length, pick an object in the classroom or at home that you think will be close to that length.

    • inches

    • 7 inches

    • 33 inches

  2. Measure each object using a ruler marked in inches. Was each estimate too high, too low, or just right?

Problem 12 (Exploration)

Choose a collection of objects to measure at school or at home. Make a line plot of the length of the objects.