Lesson 1 How Would You Describe These Figures?

    • Let’s draw and describe geometric figures.

Warm-up Notice and Wonder: String Art

What do you notice? What do you wonder?

image of many colorful lines of string forming a circular pattern

Activity 1 Do You See What I See?

Work with a partner in this activity. Sit back to back or use a divider to block each other’s view.

Partner A:

  • Your teacher will give you a card. Don’t show it to your partner.

  • Describe the image on the card—as clearly and precisely as possible—so that your partner can draw it on a blank card.

Partner B:

  • Your teacher will give you a blank card.

  • Your partner will describe an image. Listen carefully to the descriptions. On your card, create a drawing as described.
  1. When done, compare the given image and the drawn image. Discuss:

    • Which parts were accurate? Which were off?

    • How could the descriptions be improved so the drawing could be more accurate?

    • Which words or descriptions are useful?

  2. Try again with a second card from your teacher. When done, compare and discuss the images again.

  3. Switch roles and repeat the exercise. Your teacher will give you 2 new cards (1 for each round).

Activity 2 Lines and Line Segments

Here is a field of dots.

  1. Draw 5 lines, each one connecting at least 2 dots and extending as far as possible.

    blank dot paper
  2. Did your lines make some familiar shapes or figures—perhaps a triangle, quadrilateral, a letter, or a number?

    • Identify at least one familiar shape or figure in your drawing. Trace the shape with a heavier mark or use a color pencil to make it obvious.

  3. Share your drawing with your group members. Discuss:

    • How are the drawings alike? What do all the shapes have in common?

    • How are the drawings different?

Practice Problem

Problem 1

  1. Draw 4 different lines through points on the grid. At least two of the lines should cross another line.

  2. Mark at least 3 different segments in your drawing.

image of dot paper