Lesson 2 Points, Lines, Rays, and Segments

    • Let’s draw points, lines, line segments, and rays.

Warm-up Number Talk: Finding Differences

Find the value of each expression mentally.

Activity 1 Card Sort: Who Am I?

Your teacher will give you a set of cards that describe or illustrate points, lines, rays, and line segments.

Sort the cards into 4 groups. Each group should represent the attributes or characteristics of one of the geometric figures.

Pause for directions from your teacher before completing the graphic organizer.




line segment

Activity 2 Make Some Shapes

  1. Each dot on the grid represents a point. Draw line segments to create:

    a triangle a rhombus

    a trapezoid a hexagon

    a pentagon a rectangle

  2. Draw a combination of rays and line segments to create:

    an uppercase letter

    a number

    a lowercase letter

Practice Problem

Problem 1

image of the letter A on dot paper created by 3 segments
  1. Circle the line segments that make up the letter A.

  2. Draw 4 rays that surround a rectangle.

  3. Can you find 4 different rays that surround the same rectangle?