Lesson 8 Solve Problems with Multiplication and Division

    • Let’s make sense of situations and solve word problems.

Warm-up Number Talk: Divide by 8

Find the value of each expression mentally.

Activity 1 Two Truths and a Lie, or Two Lies and a Truth?

2 thought bubbles. Left. 2 lies and 1 truth question mark. Right, 2 truths and 1 lie question mark.

Here are three situations. Which ones are true? Which ones are not true?

Show how you know.

  • Situation A: A high-rise building has 53 stories. The first floor is 17 feet tall, but all other stories are each 11 feet tall. The building is 589 feet tall.

  • Situation B: A window washer has 600 seconds to wash 17 windows of a building. It takes 54 seconds to wash each window. The washer will finish washing all the windows and have 11 seconds to spare.

  • Situation C: Eleven students set a goal to raise at least $600 for charity. Each student raised $17 each day. After 3 days of fundraising, the group will still be short by $54.

Activity 2 Buses for a Field Trip

school bus

A school is taking everyone on a field trip. It needs buses to transport 375 people.

Bus Company A has small buses with 27 seats in each.

Bus Company B has large buses with 48 seats in each.

Problem 1

What is the smallest number of buses that will be needed if the school goes with:

  1. Bus Company A? Show your reasoning.

  2. Bus Company B? Show your reasoning.

Problem 2

Which bus company should the school choose? Explain your reasoning.

Problem 3

Bus Company C has large buses that can take up to 72 passengers.

Diego says, “If the school chooses Bus Company C, it will need only 6 buses, but the buses will have more empty seats.”

Do you agree? Explain your reasoning.