Lesson 12 An Algorithm Using Partial Quotients

    • Let’s make sense of an algorithm using partial quotients.

Warm-up Notice and Wonder: Incomplete Solution

What do you notice? What do you wonder?

Divide. four hundred forty eight divided by 16

Activity 1 Elena’s Work

  1. Find the value of . Show your thinking. Organize it so it can be followed by others.

    (Pause for teacher directions.)

  2. This is Elena’s work. Describe the steps Elena took to find the value of .

    Divide. four hundred forty eight divided by 16.

Activity 2 Complete the Solution

Use Elena’s strategy to complete the following problems:

  1. Divide. four hundred ninety two divided by 12.
  2. Divide. six hundred thirty divided by 15.
  3. divide. 14, long division symbol with three hundred sixty four inside

Practice Problem

Problem 1

Use partial quotients to find the value of 

divide. 9, long division symbol with two hundred forty three inside