Lesson 11 Different Partial Quotients

    • Let’s use what we know about multiplication and place value to find quotients.

Warm-up Notice and Wonder: Ways to Record

What do you notice? What do you wonder?

Clare’s strategy:

Jada’s strategy:

divide. three hundred sixty four divided by 13. With two image underneath.

Activity 1 Division Expressions

Take turns:

  1. Choose a set of expressions that, when added together, is equal to . Not all expressions will be used.

  2. Explain to your partner how you know that your cards represent a sum that is equal to .

    (Pause for teacher directions.)

  3. Choose one of the sets of expressions whose sum is equal to and use it to find the value of .

Activity 2 Choose Your Own Partial Quotients

For each expression, choose one of the partial quotients and, beginning with that expression, find the value of the quotient.

  1. How did you decide which partial quotient to use to begin finding the quotient? Did you change your mind with any of the problems?

Practice Problem

Problem 1

  1. Explain why is equivalent to .

  2. What is the value of ? Explain your reasoning.