Lesson 7 Multi-step Conversion Problems: Customary Length

    • Let’s solve multi-step problems about customary length.

Warm-up Number Talk: Multiples of 12

Find the value of each expression mentally.

Activity 1 Card Sort: Customary Measurements

  1. Your teacher will give you a set of cards that show different measurements. Sort the cards into 2 categories of your choosing. Be prepared to explain the meaning of your categories.

    (Pause for teacher directions.)

  2. Match the cards with equal measurements. Then, list the groups of matching measurements in increasing order.

Activity 2 Run a Mile or Two

image of a field.
  1. A rectangular field is 90 yards long and yards wide. Priya says that 6 laps around the field is more than a mile. Do you agree with Priya?

    Explain or show your reasoning.

  2. A different rectangular field is feet long and feet wide. How many laps around this field would Priya need to run if she wants to run at least 2 miles?

Practice Problem

Problem 1

A track is 400 yards around. How many full laps does Tyler need to run if he wants to run at least 2 miles?