Lesson 21 Weekend Investigation

    • Let’s find out about how students spend free time on the weekend.

Warm-up Number Talk: Fractions of 60

Find the value of each expression mentally.

Activity 1 Data Collection

Imagine on the weekend you have 2 hours of free time that you can spend any way you like.

  1. How would you spend it? Record your answer in fractions of an hour. Show your reasoning.

  2. Record the time for each activity from your list on the appropriate poster, if there is a category for it.

Activity 2 Data Analysis

Your teacher will assign a poster with a data set for one of the categories from the previous activity.

  1. Create a line plot for the activity. Make sure to label the line plot.

  2. Analyze the data and tell the story of your data. Choose at least 3 things. Use the following questions if they are helpful.

    • What is the total number of hours the class spends on this activity?

    • What is the difference between greatest and least time?

    • Is there something surprising?

    • How many data points are there? What does that tell you?

    • What fraction of your classmates spend less than an hour on this activity? More than an hour?

    Be prepared to share the story with the class.