Lesson 11 Same Shapes

    • Let’s figure out which shapes are the same.

Warm-up How Many Do You See: 1 More and 1 Less on 5-frames

How many do you see?
How do you see them?

  1. Five frame, full.
  2. 5 frame full. Below 1 counter.
  3. 5 frame. 4 counters.

Activity 1 Missing Shapes

Figure out which pattern block is missing from each puzzle. Tell your partner how you know.

  1. Pattern block puzzle.
  2. Pattern block puzzle.
  3. Pattern block puzzle.
  4. Pattern block puzzle.
  5. Pattern block puzzle.
  6. Pattern block puzzle.

Activity 2 Find the Shape

Pattern block puzzle
Pattern bloc. 1 yellow hexagon.
Blue pattern block.
Pattern block. 1 green triangle. 
Pattern block. 1 red trapezoid.
Pattern block. 1 orange square.
tan rhombus pattern block

Activity 3 Centers: Choice Time

Choose a center.


Build Shapes

Center activity, build shapes.

Pattern Blocks

Center Activity. Pattern blocks.

Less, Same, More

Center. Less, Same, More.

Practice Problem

Problem 1

  1. Color in all of the squares.

    Pattern block puzzle.  
  2. How many squares did you color?