Section B: Practice Problems Making Shapes

Section Summary


In this section we put shapes together to make larger shapes.
Sometimes we used shapes to make other shapes.

Shapes put together to make a hexagon. Blue pattern blocks, 2. Green pattern blocks, 2.

Sometimes we used shapes to make things in the world.

We learned that the same shape can look different when it is moved around.

Pattern block puzzle.

The shape that is missing is the square but it looks different because it is turned.

We also used words like above, below, beside, and next to to describe where shapes are.

The green triangle is next to the red trapezoid.
The green triangle is above the blue rhombus.

Problem 1 (Lesson 10)

  1. Fill in the pattern block puzzle.

    Pattern block puzzle. 
  2. How many green triangles did you use?

  3. How many yellow hexagons did you use?

Problem 2 (Lesson 11)

  1. Color in all of the squares.

    Pattern block puzzle.  
  2. How many squares did you color?

Problem 3 (Lesson 12)

Fill in the puzzle.

Pattern block puzzle.

Can you fill in the puzzle a different way?

Problem 4 (Lesson 13)

  1. Build a shape with a hexagon, 3 triangles, and a square.

  2. Describe where the square is in the shape.

Problem 5 (Lesson 14)

What shapes do you recognize in the picture?

A pattern made of tiles, different shapes and colors.

Problem 6 (Exploration)

How many different ways can you fill in the puzzle?

Pattern block puzzle. Hexagon shape.

Problem 7 (Exploration)

  1. Fill in the pattern block puzzle in some different ways.

    Pattern block puzzle.
  2. Jada filled in the puzzle with 9 pattern blocks. Which pattern blocks do you think Jada used?

  3. Can you fill in the puzzle with 3 pattern blocks?