Lesson 8 Find Someone Who, Find Something That

    • Let’s learn more about our classmates and our classroom.

Warm-up Which One Doesn’t Belong: Representations of 6

Which one doesn’t belong?

  1. five counters with two more underneath
  2. two rows of three counters
  3. two hands showing six fingers
  4. a five frame filled with four red and one yellow counter, one extra yellow counter below

Activity 1 Find Someone Who

I’m going to give you a prompt like, ‘Find someone who has purple hair.’ Your job is to walk around and talk to different partners until you find someone who has purple hair and ask them to write their name on your sheet.

Activity 2 Find Something That

  1. Find something that you can count.

  2. Find 2 objects that you can compare the weight of.

  3. Find something that you know how many there are without counting.

  4. Find something that there are 5 of.

  5. Find 2 groups of objects that make 10 objects altogether.

  6. Find a group of objects that you could use to fill in a 10-frame.

  7. Find something that you could make using solid shapes.

  8. Find 2 groups of objects that you can compare the number of.

  9. Find something that has a number on it.

  10. Find 2 objects that you can compare the length of.