Lesson 1 Count and Add

    • Let’s count objects.

Warm-up What Do You Know About …?

Students in pairs discussing math.

What do you know about math?

Activity 1 Revisit Counting Collections, Up to 20

We are going to start with some counting. You and your partner will get a collection of objects. Your job is to figure out how many objects are in your collection and show how many.

Activity 2 Introduce Number Race: Add to 10

Now we are going to learn a game called Number Race, Add to 10. Let’s play a round together. We roll both dot cubes and find the total number of dots. How many dots are there? How do you know?

Practice Problem

Problem 1

How many do you see?

  1. 2 groups of dots. First group 3. Second group 2. 
  2. 2 groups of dots. First group, 5. Second group, 5.