Lesson 8 Sort and Count Shape Cards

    • Let’s sort shapes and show how many.

Warm-up Which One Doesn’t Belong: Show Quantities

Which one doesn’t belong?

  1. Tally marks, 5.
  2. Row of shapes. Triangles, 3.
  3. 2 rows of dots. Top row, 2. Bottom row, 3. Total, 5
  4. Number. 5.

Activity 1 Sort Shapes

Work with your partner to sort the cards into three categories in any way that you want. You do not need to use all of the cards.

Activity 2 Show Your Sort

  1. Show how you sorted the shape cards.

    Be sure that someone else who looks at your paper can see how many shapes are in each category.

  2. Complete the sentences:

    1. The first category has shapes.

    2. The second category has shapes.

    3. The third category has shapes.

    4. There are shapes all together.

Activity 3 Shape Sort Gallery Walk

With your partner, look at each representation. Discuss how each group sorted the shapes, how many shapes are in each category, and how you know.

Practice Problem

Problem 1

Here are some objects.

Balls. Orange basketball, 4. Black and white soccer, 5. Yellow tennis, 3. Toal, 12.
  1. Show how you could sort the balls into categories.

  2. How many balls are in each category?

    • category 1:

    • category 2:

    • category 3: