Section B: Practice Problems Show Us Your Data

Section Summary


We sorted objects and shapes.

Data chart. Black, shapes, 3. White, shapes, 6. Gray, shapes, 3.

We showed our sorts on paper in different ways.

Data chart. Black, squares, 3. White, squares, 6. Gray, squares, 3. 
Tally chart. Black, tallies, 3. White, tallies, 6. Gray, tallies, 3. 
Data chart. Black, 3. White, 6. Gray, 3.

Problem 1 (Lesson 7)

Here are some objects.

Objects. Pattern blocks. Counters. Total, 15.
  1. What are 2 categories you can use to sort these objects?

  2. What are 2 different categories you can use to sort these objects?

Problem 2 (Lesson 8)

Here are some objects.

Balls. Orange basketball, 4. Black and white soccer, 5. Yellow tennis, 3. Toal, 12.
  1. Show how you could sort the balls into categories.

  2. How many balls are in each category?

    • category 1:

    • category 2:

    • category 3:

Problem 3 (Lesson 9)

How are these representations the same? How are they different?

Tally Chart. Breakfast, tallies, 2. Lunch, tallies, 3. Dinner, tallies, 5.
Data Representation. Breakfast, 3. Lunch, 3. Dinner, 5.

Problem 4 (Exploration)

Gather data from the classroom or home. Sort your data into categories. Show how you sorted the data on paper.

Problem 5 (Exploration)

There are 15 pattern blocks in a bag.
There are squares, triangles, and hexagons.
The chart shows how many squares are in the bag.

Data Chart. Pattern Blocks in a Bag. Square, 7. Triangles, question mark. Hexagons, question mark. 

How many triangles could be in the bag? How many hexagons could be in the bag?

Find as many solutions as you can.