Lesson 4 Draw Flat Shapes

    • Let’s describe and draw shapes.

Warm-up Notice and Wonder: Dot Paper

What do you notice?
What do you wonder?

A collection of shapes on dot paper. Triangles, squares, rectangles. 

Activity 1 Draw Shapes on Dot Paper

  • Pick a shape card.

  • Each partner draws the shape on dot paper.

  • Take turns describing the shape you drew.

Activity 2 Introduce How Are They the Same? Grade 1 Shapes

We are going to learn a new center called How Are They the Same? Let’s play one round together.

Activity 3 Centers: Choice Time

Choose a center.

Capture Squares

Center. Capture Squares.


Center. Compare.

How Close?

Center. How Close.

Practice Problem

Problem 1

Here is a shape.

  1. Draw the shape on dot paper.

    Dot paper.
  2. Describe the shape.