Lesson 1 Addition Fluency Within 10

    • Let’s add within 10.

Warm-up How Many Do You See: Within 10

How many do you see?
How do you see them?

  1. 10 frame, full, 5 yellow counters. 5 red counters.
  2. 10 frame. 5 yellow counters, 4 red counters.
  3. 10 frame. 3 yellow counters, 5 red counters.

Activity 1 Sums I’ve Got

  1. Color the sums you know the value of from memory.

    Addition facts chart.
  2. Write each sum that is not colored, on an index card.

    Use the cards to practice these sums.

Activity 2 Centers: Choice Time

Choose a center.

Check it Off

Center. Check It Off.

Number Puzzles

Center activity. Number Puzzles.

Capture Squares

Center. Capture Squares.