Lesson 6 Compare Story Problems

    • Let’s solve compare story problems.

Warm-up Which One Doesn’t Belong: Equations

Which one doesn’t belong?

Activity 1 The School Carnival

Ferris wheel.

Solve each problem.
Show your thinking using drawings, numbers, or words.

Problem 1

Lin has 7 tickets for rides.
Mai has 12 tickets.
How many more tickets does Mai have than Lin?

Problem 2

The cotton candy booth sold 17 bags of blue cotton candy.
They sold 7 bags of pink cotton candy.
How many more bags of blue candy did they sell than pink candy?

Problem 3

Tyler is picking out a prize.
There are 13 toys and 9 stuffed animals.
How many fewer stuffed animals are there than toys?

Problem 4

The ferris wheel can hold 20 people.
The swings can hold 14 people.
How many fewer people can the swings hold than the ferris wheel?

Activity 2 How Many Rides?

Write and answer 2 questions using the information.
Use the picture for the first one if it is helpful.

  1. Diego went on 7 rides.
    Priya went on 11 rides.

    Diagram. 2 groups. Top, Diego, 7 counters. Bottom, Priya, 11 counters.
  2. Jada went on 3 rides.
    Kiran went on 6 rides.
    Noah went on 9 rides.