Lesson 7 Count Large Collections

    • Let’s organize, count, and represent large collections.

Warm-up What Do You Know About …?

What do you know about 103?

Activity 1 Last Number Wins

Today we are playing a new game called Last Number Wins. In this game your group will count from the ‘start’ number to the ‘stop’ number. The person to say the last number wins. Let’s play one round together. Our ‘start’ number will be 1 and our ‘stop’ number will be 43.

Activity 2 Count and Represent

A bag with connecting cubes.

How many objects are in your collection?

Represent how many in as many ways as you can.

Activity 3 How Many Cats?

How many cats are there?

Array. 10 rows with 10 cats in each row, Bottom row, 8 cats.

There are cats.

Show your thinking using drawings, numbers, or words.