Lesson 14 Solve It Your Way

    • Let’s solve story problems and share our thinking with others.

Warm-up Number Talk: Multiple Addends

Find the value of each expression mentally.

Activity 1 Put It All Together

5 bowls of seeds, each a different kind.
  1. Andre gathered seeds. He has 25 sunflower seeds and 17 squash seeds. How many seeds does he have? Show your thinking.

  2. Andre gathered more seeds. He has 35 cucumber seeds. How many seeds does Andre have altogether? Show your thinking.

  3. Compare your thinking with your partner.

Activity 2 Select, Solve, and Share

  1. Decide which problem each member of your group will solve.

    1. Priya has 24 fewer seeds than Tyler. Tyler has 53 seeds. How many seeds does Priya have?

    2. Jada and Mai have 61 seeds. Jada has 39 seeds. How many seeds does Mai have?

    3. Kiran started the game with 24 seeds. He won 17 seeds on his turn. How many seeds does he have now?

  2. Solve the problem. Show your thinking.

  3. Share your thinking with your group. After everyone has shared, complete the sentences with your answers. Then solve the story problem together

    • Priya has seeds.

    • Mai has seeds.

    • Kiran has seeds.

    How many seeds do they have in all?

Practice Problem

Problem 1

  1. At a lake, there are 42 people swimming. Then 25 more people go to swim in the lake. How many people are swimming in the lake? Explain or show your reasoning.

  2. Now there are 18 fewer people swimming in the lake than there are playing on the beach. How many people are playing on the beach? Explain or show your reasoning.