Lesson 11 How Do You Solve Story Problems?

    • Let’s solve story problems.

Warm-up What Do You Know About …?

What do you know about story problems?

Activity 1 How Many Seeds?

Field with a sign that says Seeds Sold Here.

Diego gathered 42 orange seeds. Jada gathered 16 apple seeds. How many more seeds did Diego gather than Jada? Show your thinking.

Activity 2 The Seeds of Greatness

Solve each story problem. Show your thinking.

  1. Lin had 31 sunflower seeds. She gave Priya 15 seeds. How many seeds does Lin have now?

  2. Noah used yellow and blue corn seeds to make a design. He used 37 seeds altogether. He used 28 yellow seeds. How many blue seeds did he use?

  3. Elena gathered 50 pumpkin seeds. Andre collected 23 fewer pumpkin seeds than Elena. How many seeds did Andre collect?

Practice Problem

Problem 1

There are some comic books on the shelf.
Mai puts 18 more comic books on the shelf.
Now there are 47 comic books on the shelf.
How many comic books were on the shelf?

  1. Draw a diagram representing the situation.

  2. How many comic books are on the shelf now? Explain or show your thinking.