Lesson 16 Our Market’s Inventory

Warm-up Notice and Wonder: The Shopping Cart

What do you notice? What do you wonder?

Shopping basket. Potatoes, 4. Sausage, 1. Milk, 1. Orange juice, 1. Loaf of bread, 1. Can of mixed vegetables, 1. Carrots, a bunch.

Activity 1 100 Items

You sell 3 kinds of items in a store. At the beginning of each day you have:

  • a total of 100 items

  • less than 10 of one of the items

  • more than 10 for the other 2

  1. Choose 3 items to sell at your market. Write the names of the items in the first row.

  2. Fill in the second row to show how much of each item you begin the day with.

  3. Share your store set-up with your partner pair. Discuss:

    • the amount you have for each item

    • how you know that you have a total of 100 items at your store


item 1:

item 2:

item 3:

amount at the beginning of the day

sales activity

amount at the end of the day

Activity 2 Buyers and Sellers

  1. At your table, take turns rolling a number cube. Each person should roll three times. Record each roll.

    • Roll 1:

    • Roll 2:

    • Roll 3:

  2. Buyers: You will buy a certain amount of each item. Use the numbers you rolled to make:

    • two-digit numbers
    • one-digit numbers
  3. Sellers: After a sale, update the total number of items you have sold on your inventory sheet next to “sales activity.”

Activity 3 Sales Reports

  1. Fill out the inventory sheet with the information from your sales from the previous activity.

    item 1

    item 2

    item 3


    starting amount

    number of items sold

    number of items left

    restock amount

  2. Summarize the activity of your store.