Lesson 5 Write Division Expressions

    • Let’s write division expressions and solve “how many groups?” and “how many in each group?” problems.

Warm-up Number Talk: What’s the Same?

Find the value of each expression mentally.

Activity 1 Card Sort: All about Bugs


Your teacher will give you a set of cards that show situations.

  1. Sort the cards into 2 categories of your choosing. Be prepared to explain the meaning of your categories.

    A. Mole crickets have special legs for digging. Ten special legs belong to 5 mole crickets. How many special legs does each mole cricket have?

    B. A beetle has a pair of antennae for sensing heat, touch, smell, and more. If there are 8 antennae, how many beetles are there?

    C. Fourteen antennae belong to a group of bees. If each bee has 2 antennae, how many bees are there?

    D. There are 12 wings. If each dragonfly has 4 wings, how many dragonflies are there?

    E. Thirty legs belong to 5 ants. If all the ants have the same number of legs, how many legs does each ant have?

    F. There are 50 spots on 5 butterflies. If each butterfly has the same number of spots, how many spots does each butterfly have?

  2. Write a division expression to represent each situation. Be ready to explain your reasoning.

Activity 2 Solve a Buggy Problem

Your teacher will assign a problem to your group.

Create a visual display that shows your thinking and your solution to the problem.

Practice Problem

Problem 1

Mai’s family picked 40 pounds of peaches. They put 5 pounds in each bag.

  1. Write a division expression that represents the situation.

  2. How many bags of peaches did Mai’s family pick? Explain or show your reasoning.