Lesson 7 Relate Multiplication and Division

    • Let’s make more connections between multiplication and division.

Warm-up How Many Do You See: Tens

How many do you see? How do you see them?

Base ten diagram. 6 tens.

Activity 1 Division Round Table

Students playing a math game at a table.

Your teacher will give you a sheet of paper with 4 boxes on it and instruct you to draw or write something in each box.

After working on each box, pause and wait for your teacher’s instructions for the next box.

  1. Draw equal groups in Box 1 on your recording sheet.

  2. In Box 2, write a description of a division situation that matches the drawing you just received.

  3. In Box 3, write a multiplication equation that matches the drawing and division situation you just received. Use a symbol for the unknown quantity.

  4. In Box 4, write a division equation that matches the drawing, division situation, and multiplication equation you just received. Use a symbol for the unknown quantity.

Activity 2 Sets of School Supplies

For each situation:

  1. Write an equation with a symbol for the unknown quantity to represent the situation.

  2. Solve the problem and find the unknown number in the equation. Be prepared to explain your reasoning.

  1. Kiran had 32 paper clips. He gave each student 4 paper clips. How many students received paper clips?


  2. There are 28 books in 4 stacks. If each stack has the same amount of books, how many books are in each stack?


  3. There are 6 boxes. Each box has 8 erasers. How many erasers are there?


  4. Lin had 36 sticky notes. She placed 6 sticky notes on each notebook. How many notebooks received sticky notes?


Practice Problem

Problem 1

There are 24 eggs in the container. There are 6 in each row. How many rows of eggs are there?

Write an equation that represents the situation. Use a symbol for the unknown. Then, answer the question.