Section B: Practice Problems Relate Multiplication and Division

Section Summary


In this section, we learned how multiplication and division are related.

We used strategies to multiply and divide and worked towards fluent multiplication and division within 100.

Diagram. Rectangle split into 2 parts. One part partitioned into 3 rows of 5 of the same size squares, the other partitioned into 3 rows of 2 of the same size squares.

Problem 1 (Lesson 6)

There are 35 books on the bookcase. There are 7 books on each shelf. How many shelves are there? Explain how the equations and both represent the situation.

Problem 2 (Lesson 7)

There are 24 eggs in the container. There are 6 in each row. How many rows of eggs are there?

Write an equation that represents the situation. Use a symbol for the unknown. Then, answer the question.

Problem 3 (Lesson 8)

For each multiplication equation, write a related division fact you know from the multiplication equation.

Problem 4 (Lesson 9)

Lin knows . Explain how she can use this fact to find .

Problem 5 (Lesson 10)

  1. Highlight parts of the diagram to show the expression .

    Area diagram.
  2. Explain how you could use the diagram to calculate .

Problem 6 (Lesson 11)

Mark or shade the rectangle to show a strategy for finding its area. Then, explain how to use the diagram to find the area.

Problem 7 (Exploration)

Noah finds by calculating .

  1. Make a drawing showing why Noah’s calculation works.

  2. Use Noah’s method to calculate .