Lesson 8 Relate Quotients to Familiar Products

    • Let’s consider the products and quotients we know right away or can find quickly.

Warm-up Number Talk: Multiplication and Division

Find the value of each expression mentally.

Activity 1 Card Sort: Multiplication

  1. Quiz your partner on their multiplication facts. Sort your partner’s facts into one of these columns:

    1. know it right away

    2. can find it quickly

    3. don’t know it yet

  2. Multiplication expressions I’m going to practice:

Activity 2 If I Know, Then I Know

Students working with partners, playing a math game.

If I know , then I know .

  1. Set the multiplication fact cards in a stack face down.

  2. Take turns drawing a multiplication fact card.

  3. Use the multiplication fact on the card to record a multiplication equation in the “If I know …” column.

  4. Then, record related division equations in the “Then I know …” column.

If I know …

then I know …

If I know …

then I know …

Practice Problem

Problem 1

For each multiplication equation, write a related division fact you know from the multiplication equation.