Lesson 1 Equal Groups of Unit Fractions

    • Let’s look at equal groups of fractions.

Warm-up How Many Do You See: Oranges

How many do you see? How do you see them?

5 plates with one half orange on each plate

Activity 1 Crackers, Kiwis, and More

Problem 1

Here are images of some crackers.

24 graham crackers grouped into 4 equal groups
  1. How are the crackers in image A like those in B?

  2. How are they different?

  3. How many crackers are in each image?

  4. Write an expression to represent the crackers in each image.

Problem 2

Here are more images and descriptions of food items. For each, write a multiplication expression to represent the quantity. Then, answer the question.

  1. Clare has 3 baskets. She put 4 eggs into each basket. How many eggs did she put in baskets?

  2. Diego has 5 plates. He put  of a kiwi fruit on each plate. How many kiwis did he put on plates?

    5 kiwis on 5 plates
  3. Priya prepared 7 plates with of a pie on each. How much pie did she put on plates?

  4. Noah scooped cup of brown rice 8 times. How many cups of brown rice did he scoop?

Activity 2 What Could It Mean?

For each expression:

  • Write a story that the expression could represent. The story should be about a situation with equal groups.

  • Create a drawing to represent the situation.

  • Find the value of the expression. What does this number mean in your story?

Practice Problem

Problem 1

Write an expression that matches each diagram. Then, find the value of each expression.

  1. Diagram. 5 equal parts each labeled 1 half.
  2. 4 diagrams of equal length. 3 equal parts. 1 part shaded. Total length, 1.