Lesson 15 Situations Involving Area

    • Let’s divide to find the side length of a rectangle.

Warm-up Estimation Exploration: Area of a Soccer Field

Estimate: What is the length of the soccer field in meters?

image of a soccer field. Vertical side, 40 meters. Horizontal side, question mark. area, 2 thousand 2 hundred eighty square meters.

Record an estimate that is:

too low

about right

too high

Activity 1 Elena’s Mural

Elena used 189 square tiles to create a rectangular mural for the art club. The mural is 7 tiles wide.

gridded rectangle. a vertical side of 7 units darken on the left side of the third column.
  1. How many tiles long is Elena’s mural? Be prepared to explain or show how you know.

  2. Write one or more equations that show how you solved this problem.

Activity 2 Tyler’s Mural

Tyler is also creating a rectangular mural for the art club. He has 197 tiles for his mural. His mural is 6 tiles wide.

  1. Will Tyler use all of his tiles in the mural? Explain your reasoning.

  2. How many tiles long is Tyler’s mural? Show your reasoning using numbers, pictures, or words.

Practice Problem

Problem 1

Clare has 194 square tiles. Can Clare put all of her tiles in 6 rows with the same number of tiles in each row? Explain or show your reasoning.