Lesson 17 Base-ten Diagrams to Represent Division

    • Let’s divide using base-ten blocks or diagrams.

Warm-up Which One Doesn’t Belong: Base-ten Diagrams

Which one doesn’t belong?

  1. base ten diagram. 1 hundred, 1 ten, 1 one.
  2. base ten diagram. 10 tens, 1 one.
  3. base ten diagram. 1 hundred, 11 ones.
  4. base ten diagram. 3 groups of 3 tens, 7 ones.

Activity 1 Divide with Diagrams or Blocks

  1. Priya draws a base-ten diagram to find the value of . A rectangle represents 10. A small square represents 1.

    Use the diagram (or actual blocks) to help Priya complete the division. Explain or show your reasoning.

    base ten diagram. 6 tens, 4 ones.
  2. Use this base-ten diagram (or actual blocks) to find the value of .

    base ten diagram. 1 hundred, 1 ten, 7 ones.

Activity 2 Help Noah Get Unstuck

  1. This diagram represents 235.

    base ten diagram. 2 hundreds, 3 tens, 5 ones.

    To find , Noah draws the following diagram but then gets stuck.

    base ten diagram. 3 groups of 1 ten and 1 one. 2 groups of 1 one.

    He says, “There are not enough of the hundreds or the tens pieces to put into 5 groups.”

    Explain or show how Noah could find with his diagram.

  2. Find the value of . Show your reasoning. Use base-ten diagrams or blocks if you find them helpful.

Practice Problem

Problem 1

Here is 378 represented with base-ten blocks.

base ten diagram. 3 hundreds, 7 tens, 8 ones.

Use words, diagrams, or equations to show how to use the base-ten blocks to find the value of .