Lesson 25 Paper Flower Decorations

    • Let’s make patterns with paper flowers.

Warm-up How Many Do You See: Paper Flowers

How many do you see? How do you see them?

photographs of paper flowers.

Activity 1 Paper Flower Construction

  • Place 6 pieces of tissue paper on top of each other.

  • Starting at one side, fold over about 1 inch, then fold in the opposite direction. Repeat with this accordion fold (like a paper fan) until you have a strip that is 1 inch wide and the length of the original paper.

  • Tie a rubber band around the middle of the folded paper strip. Then, open up the folds.

photograph of a strip of tissue paper tied together by a rubber band in the middle
photograph of a strip of tissue paper tied together by a rubber band in the middle unfolded in a circular layout.
  • Carefully, one layer at a time, fold the layers up into the middle to make the petals.

Activity 2 Quinceañera Decorations

image of paper flower garland

Priya and Jada are making paper flower garlands for their friend’s quinceañera. Each garland uses 12 flowers.

  1. Priya wants 2 big flowers, followed by 2 small flowers. Jada wants 1 big flower, followed by 2 small flowers. Use their patterns to draw the garlands.

  2. Priya and Jada make 25 garlands of each type. How many large and small flowers will they need altogether?

  3. Diego and Kiran also made flowers. They made a total of 155 flowers for garlands that require 16 flowers each. How many garlands can they make?

  4. It takes 1 minute to cut the strips for a flower and 2 minutes to finish it. How long did it take Diego and Kiran to make the 155 flowers, if they each make about the same number of flowers?

Activity 3 Make Your Own Problems

  1. Write a multi-step problem about making paper flowers.

  2. Exchange the problem with your partner and solve each other’s problems.