Lesson 11 Create Groups of Images

    • Let’s make groups that have more, fewer, or the same number of images. 

Warm-up Questions About Us: Slide or Swings?

How many students would rather play on the slide?
How many students would rather play on the swings?

Activity 1 Draw Groups of Images

You are going to draw a group of things. Then show your group to your partner and say one of the sentences.

  1. my group

    my partner’s group

  2. my group

    my partner’s group

Activity 2 Introduce Less, Same, More, Drawings

We are going to learn a new way to play the Less, Same, More center. It is called Less, Same, More, Drawings.

Activity 3 Centers: Choice Time

Choose a center.

Less, Same, More

Center. Less, Same, More.


Center. Bingo.

Math Stories

Center. Math Stories.

Connecting Cubes

Center Activity. Connecting cubes.

Number Race

Center. Number Race.

Practice Problem

Problem 1

Here is a drawing.

Circles, 6.
  1. Draw a picture with more things.

  2. Draw a picture with fewer things.